The Bonfield Area Historical Society depot is raising funds to bring the depot out of storage and become a permanent home for a museum.

The depot was initially placed in storage in order to prevent further deterioration. 

The Bonfield Area Historical Society was created in 2012 for the purpose of saving the depot from destruction. Dorothy and Reuben Riegel donated the building to the Historical Society. 

The depot was built in 1881 when the Kankakee and Seneca Railroad was built. Mr. Thomas Bonfield was seeking a location for a depot between Kankakee and Seneca, Illinois. The people of Verkler, the name of the town at the time, named after founders John and Samuel Verkler, said they would pledge the money needed to get the depot built. 

Mr. Bonfield insisted on cash, not pledges, and four people donated the money to win rights to build the depot. When naming the depot after himself, the town decided to change its own name to match. In 1934 the depot was moved to the Smith farm on Bonfield road and was used as a barn until it was rescued for rehab by the Bonfield Area Historical Society.