Blankenship Sowing Seeds at Bonfield GP Parish

Pastor Keith Blankenship, the recently appointed pastor of the Bonfield-Grand Prairie UMC Parish, shares his message with the congregation. 

Submitted photo

Pastor Keith Blankenship continues to plant seeds, despite harvest season coming to an end. 

Pastor Blankenship is the recently appointed pastor of the Bonfield-Grand Prairie UMC Parish.

“If I can bring one person or family that is not in worship regularly to one of the three churches in the parish, then I feel that plants a seed which hopefully can bring others in,” stated Blankenship.

 “In the Methodist denomination, I am not able to choose where I am a Pastor,” he said. “But after praying on the opportunity given to me and being different than my previous appointment, I was happy to accept this challenge I was given.”

Previously, Blankenship served Deer Creek United Methodist, a small community located between Peoria and Bloomington, on a part-time basis. Having worked in several other professional fields, Blankenship was able to take his time to adjust, learn and grow in his new profession while at Deer Creek. 

“Being able to be part-time to begin with allowed me to learn to prepare a worship service and message each week. That has allowed me to now have a part of what I do already be familiar,” he said. 

While he is not yet ordained, Blankenship will be attending a program at a seminary in the Kansas City area in 2020 in order to continue his journey towards becoming ordained.

But for the time being, Blankenship is settling in and spreading his message to the area. 

“I try to simply teach those in the Parish a more in-depth view of the Bible and the love God has for everyone, even if they have turned their back on Him at some point in their lives.”

And as for adjusting to the area, Blankenship seems to be doing just fine. He is not only connecting with the congregation, but with the community as a whole in order to become more visible to those not involved with the parish. 

“The people in the parish have made me feel welcome, which I appreciate more than they know,” Blankenship said. “It is nice to be able to serve everyone in the parish for as long as God will allow me to be here.”