Dan Hendrickson, Kankakee County Clerk, released vital statistics for Kankakee County for 2019. As of January 6, 2020, there were 1,429 births registered in this county for 2019. This is 13 more than were registered in 2018. The most popular name for boys was a tie between Liam, Levi and Grayson.  The most popular name for girls was Charlotte , followed by Harper and Ava. More children were born in the month of July (137) in Kankakee County than in any other month in 2019.

The County Clerk’s Office issued 534 marriage licenses in Kankakee County in 2019, 115 fewer than were issued in 2018. The oldest groom was 80 years old, the oldest bride was 79. The youngest groom was 18 years of age, the youngest bride was 18. October was the most popular month (62) last year to get married.

There were 1225 deaths in Kankakee County last year, an increase of 4 deaths from 2018.