To the Community:

We are all experiencing an unprecedented pandemic.  There are good reasons to be concerned and please follow the directions that the medical experts have given.

Stay home exept for necessary trips for essential items.

Wash Hands or use sanitizer.

Call your healthcare provider if concerned about symptoms.

Many of us will still suffer from typical medical problems (non COVID19 related). These health problems should not be ignored.  

The Medical Group Herscher Office has a “clean waiting and exam area” as well as a “sick area”.  We ask all patients with flu-like symptoms call ahead and we will direct you to the side door.  If necessary, masks may be used as well as other personal protective equipment. 

 If your phone call suggests possible COVID-19 infection, we will direct you to the ER or a testing facility.

Severe Symptoms of COVID 19

Shortness of Breath

Fever over 101.5

High Risk Patients are those

60 or older

Heart/Lung Disease


Cancer patients on Chemo

Any patient or immune suppressing meds

COVID 19 tests are not done on mildly ill, low risk patients.  This is due to short supply and allocation of resources to those most at need.  Please be patient, follow expert recommendations, and do not panic.

Call your doctor if you have concerns (many of us are doing telehealth visits).  

Stay Safe, 

Jeffery Long MD