Feeding the Flock

Sims Youth Football Field in Herscher was the site of the Feed the Flock food distribution program last Thursday. 


Feed the Flock, a community food distribution project spearheaded by Matt Davies of rural Buckingham, has served about 400 families per week since its inception in the spring.

The organization is a Christian-based, non-profit, donation-supported food bank in West Kankakee County. 

There are no income restrictions for people to receive food, and no payment is expected.

Generally on Thursdays, the food truck arrives. (However, delivery days and hours do vary and the group has no control over that.)

 Once the truck arrives, a dozen or so faithful volunteers get to work to unpack the boxes quickly and efficiently.

 Meanwhile, carloads of recipients begin to take their place in line, sometimes up to an hour early. 

Food is loaded while the driver and passengers remain in the vehicle.

Last Thursday, hundreds of people were provided with a variety of food including a food box containing meat, dairy, and produce, along with other food items.

Herscher’s Sims Youth Football Field is the current location for Feed the Flock food distribution.

This week’s Feed the Flock is scheduled for Thursday at 4 PM, but check their Facebook page, Feed the Flock, for last minute updates.