Tamara Palmer, a 1989 Herscher High School graduate residing in Park Ridge, has announced the publication of her new novel, Finding Lancelot

The novel relates the story of Amanda, who is fed up with a career path that is leading nowhere, less-than-happy relationships with family and friends, and topped off by a sudden and painful breakup with her long-time boyfriend.  

She finds a flyer advertising past-life regressions on a Starbucks bulletin board. Feeling an instant pull to follow a path she never knew existed, something tells her it will reveal her true love and life purpose. 

In a desperate effort to push forward, Amanda decides to dare a dive into her past in the hopes it will generate the answers she so urgently seeks. From the skyscrapers of Chicago to the rolling hills of 15th century Western England to a present-day Renaissance Faire in Colorado, 

Amanda’s adventure takes her around the world and into another life experience as she relives its relationships and loves as a way to build better ones today. Anyone who has ever yearned to find their soul mate will identify with Amanda’s journey. Is any distance -- or time -- too far to travel for love?

Palmer will be greeting people and signing her new novel, at Moon Cookie Gallery in Kankakee on Saturday, Oct. 24th from 9:30 – 11:30 am. Books will be available for purchase there. 

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