At Monday evening’s Herscher Village Board meeting, President Ray Schneider discussed the Kankakee County Covid-19 health department statistics, including the 59 recoveries.

Andy Cotter and Bob Voss discussed projects they would like to do to improve Village Park and sidewalks on Vernon Street.

Mike Bruner shared that police calls have slowed substantially.

Burning hours will change on May 1 to 12-7 PM. No holiday or Sunday burning is permitted. However, backyard fire pits and fireplaces are allowed.

Please be reminded that Herscher ordinance states that if a dog defecates withing the village, the owner must pick it up and dispose of it. Be especially mindful if dogs are in the parks.

Herscher’s Census 2020 participation is at 73%. People who do not complete the census will be visited by census takers. 

In executive session, a 2% increase for all employees excluding the inspectors, and the deputy clerks was approved.

 The water clerk/ deputy clerk’s hourly rate is increased to $11. 

Parks seasonal employees received the 2%, but it will be raised January 1 to $11 due to the mandated minimum wage increase.

 The police chief received an additional 6% wage increase for going to a salaried position instead of hourly.