At Monday evening’s Herscher CUSD2 board meeting, the board approved a request to host the Cavalier Drum and Bugle Corp from July 1-4. The 150-member group will utilize the high school gym, locker rooms, and Seebach Stadium during their stay.

The sports complex expansion project, which adds an additional parking area as well as a new access road exiting just north of the railroad tracks, has been approved for bid. The estimated cost will be $366,000.

Supt. Rich Decman discussed a potential future solar and wind farm which is being proposed by the Heritage Prairie Renewable Project. The project will be located in western Kankakee County and northeastern Livingston County. 

If approved, the project is estimated to be completed by 2024. The financial benefits to the district will be substantial, providing $435,000 for the solar project in year one, and generating $1.6 million in year one for the wind project. (The amount depreciates yearly over 30 years.)

Ken’s Oil Service in Forrest, IL won the bid for providing the district’s fuel for the next school year. In addition, the board approved Coaches/Sponsors for 2021-2022, a 5-year HVAC Mechanical Contract, and a copy machine lease.

Regarding personnel, Terriann Brown – HIS 4th Grade Teacher, has been approved for retirement effective the end of the 25-26 school year. 

 Larry Haigh – HHS Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor, resigned effective June 1, 2021.

 Clarence (John) Choate – LMS Full-time Custodian will retire in August.

 Jennifer Spinale – LMS RTI Parapro and Kathleen Brown – HIS Parapro resigned, as did the following coaches: Brian Joffe – HHS Robotics Head Coach, Scott Elbert – HHS Robotics Asst. Coach, and Jared Macari – HHS Girls Track.

 Certified hires were: Katlyn Post – HHS Ag Teacher, Jenni Thurston – HHS Biology Teacher,, Stacy Perkins – Summer School Teacher (HIS), Stacey Atkinson – Summer School Teacher (HIS), Susan Denault – Summer School Teacher (HIS), Jill Whalen – Summer School Teacher (HIS), Bridget Hoffman – Summer School Special Education Teacher (HIS/BGS), Michelle King – Summer School Special Education Teacher (HIS/BGS), and Jessica Sanders – Summer School Special Education Teacher (HIS/BGS).

 Non-Certified hires were: Caryn Alder – Summer School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS), Erica Grady – Summer School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS), Courtney Keen – Summer School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS) Grace Mendell -  Summer School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS), Susan Mendell – Summer School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS), Kelly Tobey – Summer, School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS), Kathleen Brown – Summer School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS), Heather Parks – Summer School Special Education Parapro (BGS/HIS), Suzanne Dohe – Summer School Parapro (HIS), Laura Kurtz – Summer School Parapro (HIS), Crystal Pombert – Summer School Parapro (HIS), Julie Murray – Summer School Parapro (HIS), and Jane Houberg – Summer School Parapro (HIS).

 Trena Miner – HHS Cheerleading Coach, and Kyle Peters – HHS (VOL) Asst. Basketball Coach, were appointed.