If you take a 40-year time hop into the files of the Herscher Pilot, these are some of the events that were happening in the County West area. 

A Chevrolet van furnished by Lockwood Chevrolet was being used frequently by youngsters participating in the Herscher Summer Recreation Program. During this trip, the children boarded the van for a swimming trip to Buckingham’s swimming pool. Other summer activities listed for the group included: supervised play, a Planetarium field trip, miniature golf, tumbling, and acrobatics.

Older area youth were provided jobs through the Youth Opportunities Unlimited program. One of the jobs was hand-raking the baseball diamond at Herscher Village Park.

Hendrix Bar-B-Q was served on July 8, sponsored by the Cabery Jr. Women at the Cabery Lions building.

The Limestone Jolly Club met at the home of Mrs. Asa Hartman. “House remodeling” was the topic for the night.

The Salina Home Extension Unit met at the Farm Bureau building. A demonstration on “Facial Make-Up” was given by Paulette McVey of the Guilded Cage Beauty Shop.

Mr. and Mrs. William Fritz celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. And, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brunner, of Essex, celebrated their 50th.

A passbook savings account yielded 5.6 % interest, while a 6-month “T” certificate garnered a 9% interest rate.

A country and western dance, with music by the Mavericks, was scheduled for July 14 from 9 PM to 1 AM at the American Legion Hall in Herscher.

The Tobey Truckers softball team won five of six games to become the champions in the Clifton Tournament. They were also the champions of the Gibson City Tournament. Members of the squad were Dale Kuntz, Dennis Cotter, Mike Gordon, Rick Wingerter, Gary Jensen, Walt Askew, Kurt Schlaich, Brad Wepprecht, Tom Uribe, Dick Cotter, Hank Noreuil, Scott Walter, and Dale Pfeiffer.

A 1979 Thunderbird, loaded with accessories, was for sale for $5550.00.

And, adult admission to the Stock car races at the Kankakee Speedway was $2.00.