Hydroponics in Herscher HS Horticulture

Students experiment with planting media in the new hydroponics bed in Herscher High School’s greenhouse. Pictured  from left: Hayden Johnson, Natalie Morris, Sophie Wepprecht, Maggie O’Brien, Mitchell Bauer, and Miles Hoffman. 


Mr. Larry Haigh, HHS agriculture teacher, shares the newest adventure in the horticulture class.

In the  HHS Horticulture class, students are experimenting with growing plants.

 In the hydroponics bed, we have taken clippings from mums to try and create new mums from one plant to another through propagation. 

In the bed you can also see tomato and pepper plants uprooted from a garden to see if they can transition from living in soil to living in water. 

The students are also taking seeds and planting them in 3 different planting material. 

They are planting them in soil and taking care of them as you would any potted plant, garden, or field. They have also planted seeds in the hydroponics table using rock wool as a growing media, and they have planted them in the clay rock material directly in the table. 

The students are logging progress day to day, and watching to see what growing material works best for their seeds that they have planted.

 Starting this week the students will plant some of their seeds in the hydroponics tower which is equipped with artificial light that is in the classroom and experiment between natural light in the greenhouse versus artificial light in the classroom and track progress.