Two bats have tested positive for rabies in the past month in Kankakee County. Be aware that bats that carry rabies may be found anywhere in Kankakee County. In Illinois, thirteen bats have tested positive for rabies so far this year.

If you find a bat in your home or other location, do not attempt to handle, or remove it yourself. Try to isolate yourself and others from the bat.  Minimize harm to the bat so it can be tested for rabies. Contact Kankakee County Animal Control to remove the bat by calling (815) 937-2949, afterhours call (815) 933-3324.

Rabies vaccine may be needed if you handle a bat, or there is a bat in a room with someone who was sleeping, an unobserved child, or someone who is incapacitated. Please contact the Kankakee County Health Department to determine if rabies vaccine is needed, call (815) 802-9400, afterhours call (815) 937-8479.

To protect your pets from exposure to rabies, all owners are reminded that it is VERY important for your pets to be current with their rabies vaccination, even animals that never leave the house.