At last night’s Herscher CUSD2 board meeting, Supt. Rich Decman announced that there is a positive balance in the educational fund for the 2020-2021 school year. The 2021-2022 school year will give him a truer monthly picture of the situation going forward. 

Next year’s school calendar will be amended due to the governor’s declaration of election day, November 3, being a holiday.

Herscher High School’s 2020 virtual graduation will be made available to the public beginning June 26.

The discussion of adding Jr. High soccer resulting in tabling it for the fall given the current uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic and sporting events

Regarding personnel, A 3-year contract was given to Curriculum Director, Pete Falk. Bryan Carlson has been hired as the Maintenance Crew Leader.

The Summer Crew consists of Delaney Daly, Grant Goytia, Dana Dittus, Dawn Wilson, Nicolas Rink, and Luke Whalen. 

In addition, there were several Certified Retirement Notices. (Please note the retirement year as they are several years in the future.) Margaret Wenzelman – HIS Special Education, end of 23-24SY; Janice Engelman – BGS Kindergarten, end of 23-24SY; Eric Regez – HHS Social Studies,  end of 23-24SY; Donna German – BGS RTI, end of 23-24SY; Janette Ferris – BGS 1st Grade, end of 25-26SY; Todd Schwarzkopf – HHS Special Ed / A.D., end of 23-24SY; Paula Denault – HIS 3rd Grade, end of 23-24S; Michelle Chavers – LMS Principal, end of 25-26SY. 

Greg Walter resigned as the HHS Asst. Girls Soccer coach, but will stay on as a volunteer when he is able.

 Extra-Curricular Appointments pending IHSA/IESA approval for in-person practicing/competitions: Dana Hodgin – LMS Girls Basketball Coach, Darthy Bisaillon – HHS Asst. Volleyball Coach, and Victoria Wenzelman – HHS Asst. Volleyball Coach.

The following HHS coaches were hired pending IHSA approval for in-person practicing/competition: Football - Dan Wetzel – Head Varsity, Max Fransen – Varsity Assistant Dale Hall – Assistant, Mike Mosier Assistant, (2) Open – Assistant;  Volleyball - Joel Huizenga – Head Varsity, Darthy Bisaillon – Sophomore Tori Wenzelman – Freshmen; Boys Basketball -  Ron Oloffson – Head Varsity,  John Wakey – Sophomore,  Skip Grigas - Freshmen; Wrestling -  Rod McIntire – Head Varsity,  David Osborn – Assistant; Strength and Conditioning - David Payne; Baseball - Eric Regez – Head Varsity,  Craig Bisaillon – Sophomore,  Open – Freshmen; Girls Soccer - Chris Longtin – Head Varsity,  OPEN – Assistant Varsity; Boys Soccer - Alan High – Head Varsity,  Philip Peacock – Assistant.

Cross Country - Rob Grosso – Head Boys/Girls, Peggy Heck – Assistant Boys/Girls; Cheerleading -  Kathy Astrella – Head Coach; Girls Basketball - Philip Peacock – Head Varsity, Mike Cann – Freshmen/Sophomore; Girls Bowling - Kelly Styck – Head Varsity; Softball - Mike Cann – Head Varsity; Lauren Ratliff – JV; Track - Jared Macari – Head Boys/Girls,  Max Fransen – Assistant Boys/Girls, Dan Wetzel – Assistant Boys/Girls.