Martin and Sons Hardware Hank Reopens

Dan Martin, owner of Herscher’s Hardware Hank, has recovered from his bout with Covid-19. The virus required him to close the store for two weeks while he and his family were quarantined. 


Dan Martin and his family have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Both he and his wife, Jodi, have recovered from Covid-19 recently.

The first family member to test positive for the virus was Jodi, who teaches math at Limestone Middle School. 

She tested positive on November 2nd, and her symptoms were equivalent to those of a bad cold, with a cough and congestion. 

The subsequent required quarantine for all members in the household resulted in the two week closing of the family’s business, Martin and Sons Hardware Hank.  Their son, Jace, and Dan are the only ones who operate the store.

Although Jace never showed signs of the virus, Dan began to lose his sense of taste and smell. 

By the time his wife was recovering, on November 8th, Dan was feeling ill and on November 10th, he went to the Dr. where he tested positive for Covid.

In addition, he was running a fever and had low oxygen levels.

Dan was sent to the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital for two days for oxygen support. 

Beginning on November 15th, he began to feel better with a daily regime of vitamins and zinc, and today is mostly recovered with the exception of a lingering cough which could last for quite some time.

Dan is thankful for the return of his health and for being able to go back to work. 

Running a small business during the Covid pandemic is difficult already, but having to close the store for two weeks increases the financial hit to the business.

Many people offered to open the store for him during his absence. Although he didn’t take them up on their offer, Dan states, “I am thankful to live in such a close and giving community who would give up their time to help me.”