The Herscher Village Board met Monday night and discussed several items, the first being the building of a new press box at Village Park.

 The project was put out to bid several weeks ago and two bids were received, one from Feller Construction and one from Tobey’s Construction. Feller Construction was the low bid, coming in at $31,280. 

In addition, a mower that has been around for a long time, finally succumbed to natural causes and needs to be replaced. The board was presented with two bids for a smaller, replacement mower and the low bid was from All Power Equipment for a price of $12,270. 

The parks department head, Andy Cotter, also said that the parking lot at the village will be having lines painted soon for a cost of $450.

 The first reading of new ordinances took place regarding a residential pool house and greenhouses, and one for combining the current planning and zoning committees into one committee. 

Village President, Ray Schneider, also sought the board’s support in buying 1000 sandbags (sand and bags separate) in order to be more prepared in case Horse Creek floods again this season.

 The board members agreed this was a good, preventive measure to take, however all agreed they hope the horse creek cleanup will mean the sandbags will not be needed.

Immediately following the regular board meeting was a finance committee meeting where the conversation was solely based on the upcoming 1% sales tax referendum designed for street maintenance.  

 Ray Schneider mentioned that in the previous 12 years, only 8 village blocks have been asphalted, whereas it should have been 48 blocks.

 The committee also mentioned questions they have been receiving about this referendum and the main one is what exactly would be affected.

 Some of the things that would be affected are meals at the restaurant, most items bought at Hardware Hanks, Leiser Furniture, and Herscher Auto Parts. The items that are not included are non-pre-prepared food, medicine, fuel, vehicle purchases (state prohibits this), and labor of car repairs (materials are included).

 The board expressed the importance of the village residents attending the informational meetings with any questions or concerns. The meetings will take place at the Herscher Village Hall, 272 E Second Street, on Tuesday, March 23rd at 7 pm, and Saturday the 27th at 10 am.