New Town Sign for Reddick

The Reddick Community Auxiliary donated a new sign to the town of Reddick. It was a project that started when the group was the Reddick Lioness and took a great deal of organizing. Josephine “Jo” Murphy came up with the motto “the little town between the curves” as this was how the town was referred to in the past. 

Her family donated some of her memorial money to the Lioness club and we reserved it for this project which held a special place in her heart. 

The sign purchase was our final act as a Lioness club before becoming the Reddick Community Auxiliary. We have many people outside our club to thank. Our Mayor Bill O’Brien and his son Conner for erecting the sign. Dave Arends for preparing the extra dirt for landscaping, Tom Bergan for preparing the dirt and watering the new plants of the landscaping. Gerri Douglas for her help in planning and selecting the plants for the landscaping. The Joyce, Curl, and Bergan families for planting and finishing out the project.

Article Submitted by the Reddick Community