For the many Herscher area residents who have annually spent Labor Day weekend in Herscher, you will need to find something else to do this year. 

Covid -19, thief of large gatherings, has caused the cancellation of Herscher’s Main Event.

Since 1919, Herscher has enjoyed this day once a year, with two exceptions during World War II, which caused its cancellation. 

With an entirely free weekend, what are area residents planning?

A Herscher Pilot Facebook question regarding what people will be doing this year on Labor Day produced several responses. Some are listed here.

Karen Thurston-Stephens is, “Sitting here in Colorado missing my family.”

Kurt Schlaich, laments that he will be “Missing my 50th HS Class reunion, but hopefully fishing in Arkansas.”

Kelly Jones is “Taking the kids to the state park to hike.”

Jamie Jensen Reiniche and Darcy Stomberg both mentioned that they will be, “Hanging out at home.”

Trista Botta’s plans include, ‘Sitting around being super sad there is no celebration.”

Angela Barber Sheets is, “Going to miss the parade but having a small cookout at my parents house.”

Jolene Paquette, intends to “find some ‘fair food’ somewhere. There is supposed to be a food truck in Gibson and one in Peotone. Gotta have my 1 summer foot long corn dog!”

Some will be joining family and friends. A few will be camping or vacationing both near and far. While still more have nothing planned and will miss the Herscher Celebration’s community spirit. 

One thing is certain. Everyone is looking forward to the end of Covid-19 and its cancellations.

Whatever you do, have a a Safe and Happy Labor Day!