At the October 13 Herscher CUSD2 Board meeting, the board approved an extension of the school day until 2:05 beginning January 5, 2021. The present school day for in person learners ends at 11:45 am. Sally Sullivan, board president stressed, “We need to get our kids back in school”.

Also, a discussion of the lack of participation and resulting failing grades for nearly 50 percent of remote learners prompted the board to change the way remote instruction takes place. According to Supt. Rich Decman, “There is a vast difference between how students are performing in person compared to remote learners.” 

Brad Elliot, Herscher High School principal, suggested that remote learners participate virtually in class at the same time as their in-person classmates. 

Under the new guidelines beginning November 9, there is no longer a pass/fail option. Letter grades will be assigned. Students are required to attend class via Google Meets and participate with in-class learners. Quizzes and tests will be taken at the same time as in-person learners. Teachers will be available from 1:30 – 3:05 pm for assistance. Other details have been made available to students and parents.

Also, during the meeting, the Audit Report for FY-20 was presented by Dave Meier of Wermer, Rogers, Doran & Ruzon LLC. 

In addition, the board approved a waiver through ISBE regarding tuition for non-resident students of Herscher CUSD2 employees.

Also, there was discussion regarding raising certified substitute teacher pay to be more in line with the minimum wage increases.

Heather Crane, secretary to the superintendent, has been authorized to be the Local Election Official for April 6, 2021 Consolidated Election.

Regarding personnel, Matt Cornwall was hired as a band director for Limestone Middle School, filling a vacancy from the beginning of the school year.

Non-Certified Hires were Emily Tapscott - Driver, andCourtney Keen - Parapro.

Alan High was appointed as Asst. Girls Soccer Coach and Tanner Regez as Volunteer Baseball Coach.

Rod McIntire resigned as HHS Head Wrestling Coach.

Jamie Savarino, Herscher Intermediate School - Grade 3, requested a leave, and Jenna Brooks - Limestone Middle School Grade 5 - requested to extend her leave through the end of this school year.