Sen. Patrick Joyce –  Your Local Choice

State Senator Patrick Joyce stopped by the Pilot office on Thursday. 

After ten months of serving as the 40th District’s State Senator, Joyce is asking for your vote again in November. 

Appointed in November 2019 to finish the vacancy term of Toi Hutchison, he was elected to retain the position in the March, 2020 primary.

Joyce makes it a priority to work across the aisle by maintaining relationships within both parties.

Since Joyce has been in office, the Kankakee River has received $7 million to improve its excessive sedimentation. A week ago, he was in Aroma Park observing new sand bars which did not exist two years ago. Joyce shares, “Those kinds of issues will always be in the forefront.”

In addition, Joyce has been involved in constituent services like unemployment claims, FOID card requests, businesses looking for resources, and Covid-19 related concerns. Covid-19 has caused a halt in most things including legislation. Joyce states, “It seems as though legislative issues have been put on hold.”

Every community has been hit with unemployment issues and business issues.  Joyce recently met with bar and restaurant owners in the Kankakee area whose businesses have been devastated by the Covid-19 shutdowns, especially the most recent one which provided only 24-hours notice. Joyce relates, “They are stretched to their limit. They are ‘backs against the wall angry.’”

To that end, he has written a letter to the governor stressing the need for the businesses to remain open. 

Joyce would like to see the reopening of Illinois driven by a common sense approach which includes counties being more involved in the decision. The original zones were designed to relieve the stress on hospitals. He states, “I think hospital administration and hospitals should be driving the matrix right now”.

He recommends creating an inclusive group of people to make the decisions related to Covid-19. The group should be made up of local health departments, hospital administrators and legislators.

He stresses, “People should continue to be vigilant in their protection against Covid-19 – wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing regardless of your politics. It just makes sense and it’s not that hard.”

He also states the importance of completing the Census for proper distribution of federal funds. Each person who is counted receives $1,400 per year for the community, which equals $14,000 per person over the next ten years. 

Joyce relates, “If your community is undercounted, the funds will still be needed for community improvements, but the money will come from individuals in the form of higher property taxes.”

Joyce has been in contact with Herscher’s mayor, Ray Schneider, regarding flooding issues, as well as issues with Horse Creek which passes by Joyce’s property.

It is clear that having someone in Springfield with local contacts remains beneficial for our area. Joyce wants to connect people with needs to the right resources.

Joyce stands ready to help with his constituents’ concerns and encourages communication. 

He can be contacted at:


40th District Office                                                    

270 Main St.

Park Forest, IL 60466