Seven Votes Decide School Board Election

Seven votes separated the third and fourth place candidates in the April 2 CUSD2 Board election.

Returning to the CUSD2 Board will be Jason Hastings with 450 votes, and Sally Sullivan with 428 votes.

Jacqueline Reick, of Herscher, who garnered 397 votes, will be replacing David Emling, who received 390 votes.

Emling, school board president, has served on the board since 2007.

At his final CUSD#2 Board meeting on Monday evening, Emling shared the following, “It has been a great pleasure to have been associated with the Herscher School District for the last 12 years. Administration, staff and faculty, and non-certified staff are the heartbeat of the district and do exceptional work for all the students. My greatest reward has been being able to observe our students progress from preschool to graduation and their accomplishments in math, science, technology, robotics, and FFA, all athletic endeavors, music and chorus. If I, in any way, contributed in a small portion to them achieving that success, I consider my time on the board well spent. Once a Tiger always a Tiger!”