At Monday evening’s Herscher CUSD 2 Board of Education meeting, Supt. Rich Decman mentioned that there will be some costly piping repairs at the Herscher High School and Herscher Grade School complex. Also, twelve HHS exterior gymnasium doors will be replaced, paid for, in part, with a $50,000 maintenance grant.

Jr. High soccer was discussed and tabled until more details can be made available.

In the outside event that the coronavirus causes schools to be shut down for a short period, the district is looking at a plan for e-learning for students. Additional cleaning and cleaning supplies will be in place as well. 

Regarding personnel, the board approved the retirement of Susan Kuntz – HHS Guidance/Athletic Dept. Secretary, and resignation of Blake Patchett – LMS Gr 6 Boys Basketball Coach.

In addition, the board appointed Jamie Salm – HHS Volunteer Bass Fishing Coach, Richard Kinnersley – LMS Gr 6 Boys Basketball Coach, and Riley Thomas – HHS Volunteer Baseball Coach.

Also, the board offered second-year contracts for 2020-2021 to: Kaley Ponton, Megan Brosseau, Nicole Cracraft, Morgan Daly, David Scholl, Kila Pickett, Emily Clyden, and Brooke Rorem-Wilms (PT).         

The board offered third-year contracts for 2020-2021 to: Kristin Wise, Rebecca Wright-Doran, Michele Spencer, Aimee Simbeck, Maxwell Fransen, Kathryn Sobkoviak, Chris Cooper, David Payne, Jennifer Rhoades, Larry Haigh, Christy Hoffman, Lauren Ratliff, Jessica Sanders, Julia Daly, and Amy Tibbetts.    

The board offered fourth-year contracts for 2020-2021 to: Kayle Mathy, Kyle Schrage, Andrea O’Morrow, Michelle King, Kristi Hendershott, and Regan Hack.    

The board offered tenure contracts for 2020-2021 to: Timoney Elliot, Kelly Campbell, Carmin Joffe, Karol Domalik, and Amy Hove.