Herscher CUSD2 is slated to receive funds exceeding $500,000 in Covid-19 CARES Relief. 

Supt. Rich Decman will be working on a plan to use these funds as they are intended to assist students regarding technology, after school or summer school supplementary education.

A parent of a Bonfield student arranged a donation from Lowe’s of cleaning supplies, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer to be used at Bonfield Grade School.

The board approved the following: the 10-year Health Life Safety (HLS) Report, Title I Schoolwide Waivers, the list of Regular Board of Education meetings for 2021-2022FY, a Special Reorganizational meeting following the Consolidated Election, and the Non-Certified Seniority List.

The board also approved the Resolution providing for the issue of not to exceed $10,000,000 Taxable General Obligation Refunding School Bonds of the School District, for the purpose of refunding certain outstanding bonds of said School District, providing for the levy of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the principal and interest on said bonds.

In personnel matters, a Non-Certified Resignation was accepted for Megan O’Key-Arcari – BGS Parapro eff. 1-28-2021. Non-Certified Hires were Nichole Brubaker – LMS Parapro (back to FT), Janice Duay – BGS Parapro (back to FT), Angela Corkill – BGS Lunchroom Monitor and Michel Scheppler – BGS Lunchroom Monitor. 

Non-Certified Retirement requests were received from Cindy Carson - Secretary, HHS eff. June 10, 2021, and Laura Forneris – INOW Data Clerk; Operations Secretary eff. July 2, 2021. 

Regarding their retirements, Sally Sullivan, board president, stated, “We can replace these positions. But, when it comes down to the people who have served this district for 21 years, you can’t say enough about their professionalism and how much they have brought to the district, our students, and all of us. On behalf of the school board I thank them sincerely and I wish them success in their retirement. They will be missed.”