5 ways to upgrade your truck while out 'In The Real' this fall

(BPT) - These days you’re likely thinking twice about making new purchases or doing a lot more research before clicking that buy button on websites. Fortunately, if you have a truck or Jeep® you don’t have to buy a new one to customize it and match your lifestyle. RealTruck offers over a million parts and accessories for trucks and Jeeps® to keep them looking and running as good as new. Here are the top five ways and products to affordably transform your vehicle so you can get out “In The Real.”

Keep a tonneau cover on your truck

BAK Industries® manufactures America’s number one selling BAK Revolver X4S tonneau cover. It will keep your truck bed secure and protected from the elements. Designed with a low-profile appearance, it features flat side seals and redesigned rear corner caps for a sleek aesthetic. The tonneau showcases rotational locking rails that secure the X4S across the entire length of the truck bed, so items in your bed stay dry. It operates from either side with an automatic latch and has a roll-up cover that can be secured with straps and buckles. With an easy, no-drilling-required installation, this user-friendly tonneau cover will turn your truck bed into a fully functional space for all your gear and outdoor fall adventures.

Running boards & nerf bars give you a leg up

Update your truck with a set of Ionic 5" black nerf bars. Nerf bars and running boards are made to fit your specific truck and run along the length of your vehicle. They allow you and your passengers to safely enter and exit your vehicle, while avoiding messy elements as you exit. While traveling “In The Real,” pull over at a viewpoint and step out on your nerf bars or running boards to look out at all nature has to offer. Give your truck a new look with this easy addition to your ride.

Fender flares protect tires from wear and tear

Flares are a must-have for any truck owner with oversized tires. Tires can be costly, depending on what make and model truck you have. Ensure tire longevity with pocket-style fender flares that will protect the rubber from UV rays, dirt and debris. The flares themselves are also UV resistant to prevent fading, cracking and chalking. They come in an OEM matte black finish and can be purchased in 2-piece or 4-piece sets. Get the most miles out of your tires with this upgrade.

Purchase Moto Wheels for the perfect deal

Give your truck the structural foundation it deserves with Moto Metal Machined Gloss Black MO970 Wheels. They’re made of heavy-duty cast aluminum which is super durable for all your on- and off-road adventures. These wheels have a unique eight-spoke design that’s sure to make your truck stand out. They come in multiple offsets, diameters and bolt patterns for a variety of trucks. Recommended especially for those who enjoy overlanding, these wheels will carry you on your way for many years to come.

Clean seats are hard to beat

Keep your seats stain free and stylish with Covercraft Carhartt Seat Covers, which are made of a breathable heavy-duty duck-weave fabric and are UV treated to prevent fading. They’re also coated with rain defender water repellent to protect from spills or meal mishaps while driving. The Covercraft seat covers are custom made for your exact vehicle and seat configuration, including heated seats and safety-resistant latch points. They’re machine washable and dryer friendly with a three-year limited warranty. Seat covers are a simple solution to help maintain your truck’s value.

Gear up, get out and go after it with all the truck essentials you need to make your truck up to date and looking good as new at RealTruck.com.