It’s sad to see a sincere attempt to provide a community improvement boggled down by childish squabbling. But such has been the case in the ongoing efforts to plan and build a new all-purpose hall in Herscher. 

 Such a new hall would replace the aging Herscher American Legion Hall. That structure – much like the organization which runs it – has served the community well for many years. But the Legion Hall is getting old, and frankly, so are the members of the Legion. If several local organizations join hands, a new “Legion Hall” can be constructed, and an all-purpose facility will serve Herscher for many years to come. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? 

 A community project of this nature requires involvement, support, compromise, and cooperation. In its early stages, this project lacks that much needed harmony. 

 Apparently, both the community and the Legion Post’s membership favor a new facility. A majority of the Legionnaires – according to a survey response – favor conveying the organization’s property over to the new group. American Legion Post No. 795 richly deserves the community’s gratitude for that gesture alone. 

 Also, an earlier community-wide survey – although totally unscientific – showed support for a new structure. And the fundraising committee reports that many are already willing to write checks for this cause. 

 Still, the bickering continues over such matters as the name for this building. The last title I heard was this whopper: “The Herscher American Legion Commun-(continued on the next page).” My suggestion, for what it’s worth, is simply “The Legion”. That name, short and to the point, would be a lasting tribute to an organization which has served its country and community well. Besides, I’ve never heard anyone say “Let’s go to the dance over at the Herscher American Legion Post 795 Hall.” 

 Rather, the existing structure is affectionately called “The Legion.” 

 There’s also been some squawking to the affect that one group might make a larger and more costly contribution than another. That stinks! Community projects I’ve observed here in the past have been completed without anyone necessarily keeping score. Each individual or group provides its contribution to the whole. Some donations are sizeable, others small, but all important. 

 Perhaps some people involved with this project are actually totally against a new building. I hate to see The (old) Legion go, too, but I suppose my great grandfather had a tear in his eye when he exchanged his draft horse for a tractor.

 Many who originally supported renovation of the old hall have now provided positive input into building the new. Others seem to be infiltrating the ranks to provoke disharmony. That second group should either bow to majority rule or quietly step aside. 

 Those who are fighting over this project might now join hands and be angry at me for the above statements. At least then they will be united.