By the time this column breaks, the video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching out his then-fiancée now wife has finally run its course. I certainly hope so.

And maybe by now, all the fingers pointed at the NFL office have shifted direction and are now pointed at what should be the real source of discontent. I doubt it.

And maybe by now the war being waged against ISIS is the lead story on the evening news. It ought to be.

Unfortunately over the past week, this country both within and beyond the sports world is mired over an issue involving a person getting fired for his objectionable behavior. And we are all screaming at the top of our lungs that he didn’t get fired sooner.

And we still want answers. Did the NFL see the video tape long before last Monday? Did the NFL try to cover up something it obviously couldn’t? Did the NFL act too slowly in firing a person for something that person did off the field of play? Quite frankly, I don’t care.

Totally lost in this finger pointing is the apparent fact that one human being knocked out another human being on an elevator. In this case, the puncher was a professional football player and the punchee was a woman. 

Two people were obviously having a disagreement. And the disagreement got to a point where one physically dominant participant KO’ed the other. The video has been on the news. It’s been on the gossip shows which pretend to be news. It’s been on sports shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been on the Cartoon Network.

Two people got in a fight in a casino in New Jersey. By the way, according to other stories on the news, that might not have happened today. Several New Jersey casinos are going out of business.

But back to last week’s ad nauseam story…

Following the incident which occurred last March, Mr. Rice was arrested as well he should’ve been. And he was indicted with third degree aggravated assault.

The local law enforcement agencies made this arrest and the local judicial system brought up the charges.

Not the NFL commissioner.

You see, his job is not to oversee violence in New Jersey elevators. His job is to run a football league and make it possible for slugs like me to waste lots and lots of time watching NFL football. And he is doing an excellent job. 

I watch NFL football on Thursday nights. I watch NFL football on Sundays. I watch NFL football on Sunday nights. And I watch NFL football whenever I don’t have to work on Monday nights. 

And as I understand it, I am not alone. Millions and millions of people do the same. And based on these TV ratings, the NFL makes money which I would think is the primary objective of the NFL commissioner.

Last March, I would assume the NFL commissioner’s office was preoccupied with putting together a schedule which would put as many games on TV as possible. It appears to me that they once again did a good job.

And while they were doing that job, people in the law enforcement profession were supposed to be arresting people who were punching other people in the face. Men punching men. Men punching women. Women punching men. Women punching women. I don’t care the combinations, lock ‘em all up.

According to the video, Mr. Rice punched a woman. And he has never played in the NFL since then. Nor will he.

But while we continue to point our fingers at the NFL commissioner, get this. The criminal charges against Rice were dropped after Rice agreed to undergo court-supervised counseling.

He is not in jail. 

And the NFL commissioner is not the one who dropped the charges. Nor is he the one who unlocked the cell and released the thug. But he is the one who’s been getting blamed.

What’s wrong with this picture?