Tattoos (that’s TATTOO, not TABOO) has finally come up in the office. Although, I must say I am a little surprised it didn’t come up earlier. My own body is ‘littered’ with three different tattoos, all with meaning might I add, but I would’ve thought you would insult them earlier than this! 

I’m going to go easy in this column because I have a tendency to get fired up and I have a feeling if I go full force here, Rob will get so many complaints he’ll have to fire me.

Tattoos are indeed a permanent change to one’s body and appearance. They aren’t something to be taken lightly and the judgemental world we live in discourages them. But the world today is becoming slightly more accepting of them (score!). Businesses used to not hire people with tattoos, and although some still don’t, it is not as big a deal as it once was. After all, Rob, you hired me! There is a nasty stereotype that assumes all tattoos are naked women, skulls, or the standard heart with Mom in it. I’m here to say that yes, many tattoos are still ridiculous and maybe stupid, like beer brands and terrifying monsters. But the majority of tattoos that I have witnessed in my life have been extremely tasteful, meaningful, and beautiful works of art.

Some of you are probably scoffing. Art? Yes, art! The people applying the tattoos are called tattoo artists for a reason. They often have clients who have only a vague idea of what they want. The artist’s job is to design a tattoo that the client is happy to wear forever. Not an easy thing to do, I would imagine. And then, they have to sketch the design perfectly to the client’s liking, and use a needle and ink to make sure it is perfectly stuck…without messing up. Because that’s a law suit just waiting to happen. 

As I was saying, many tattoos I’ve seen have special meaning behind them, they aren’t just cool pictures. Parents get designs as tributes to their children and spouses. Many people get quotes that inspire them or got them through hard times in life. The best description I’ve seen about tattoos is the saying by Johnny Depp, “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.” To many of us, tattoos are a way of telling our life stories and having a way to remember good times and the strength to get through hard times.  

Wow that was sappy. And I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Just buy a freaking journal then.” Well you are obviously not very open-minded or creative and maybe you should keep those silly, logical thoughts to yourself. Just kidding. You are a beautiful person, don’t ever change, you. 

Finally, I have heard on numerous occasions, as I’m sure any inked up person has, the line, “Don’t you care about what they will look like when you’re 80?”  Well honestly, I’ll just be happy to be alive at that point. And if I haven’t keeled over dead of stress and too many Zebra cakes, then I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to think about (i.e. deteriorating health because there’s no way I’m going to be a sane old person, cookies to bake for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and living life before I kick the bucket). The last thing I’ll think is, “Oh how I regret those tattoos that remind me of the good times in life.” 

But to each her own.