Since writing my last column I have come to a realization. Even running a smalltown newspaper is harder

than it seems.

I previously mentioned that I wanted to have my own

publication of some sort one day, but since working at

the Pilot I have realized that if I want to reach my goal,

I will need to start working now.

There is so much work that goes on behind the

scenes that one would not know about unless they

were an employee of the Herscher Pilot. I’m sure many

people think it is easier than it is.

Stories do not write themselves. Headlines and cutlines also do not write themselves.

It also takes an eye for design. What I mean by eye

for design is that you have to know if that picture looks

good... in that spot... with that headline… next to that

other story.

Another thing that makes my dream seem far out of

reach is that at this point I only have my experiences

from high school publications and what I have learned

so far working for the Pilot.

There is so much more to learn, like how to write a

better story and take better photos.

When looking at my dream I have to think about how

times will be when or if I make it that far. Like will we

even still be printing newspapers or will everything

be electronic? What crowd will I be writing for? Are

people even going to read it? It is hard to think about

now because who knows what the future holds.

Being a Pilot employee really puts things into perspective. You may think my realizations have scared me

away from this goal, but really it has made me want it

even more. I want to work and learn as much as I can so

that when I do have the chance to have my own paper

or magazine, it will be that best that it can be.