As a recent HHS graduate, I am often asked, “Are

you ready for college”, or, “Are you happy you are

done with high school?” The topic comes up in my life

practically every day. While I’m being asked about my

life by family members, I am still trying to figure it out

myself and prepare for what is ahead.

I am an athlete as well and this also hangs over my

head like a dark, scary cloud of the unknown. You hear

it being said all the time, “College is nothing like high

school.” Well I’d sure hope it’s not exactly like high

school! There are new things to experience, like more


If I can tell you one thing, freedom is what every

high school graduate is looking forward to… but there’s

a catch. There is always a catch. We want this freedom

but do not know the practical things for actually having freedom like how to balance a checkbook or buy a

house. For people wondering the answers to my questions here you go.

“Are you ready for college?” Hold on let me think

about it. “Maybe?” “I hope so??” The truth is that I

don’t know what to expect. My schedule is busy and I

hope I am able to maintain my schooling, athletics, and

work. I’m excited for the new experiences that come

along with it and knowing what I want to be when I

grow up. I want to major in Journalism and become the

editor of my own publication.

“Do you feel prepared for the real world?” Absolutely not. There are so many things I need to learn and

figure out in such little time. “What is credit?” “How

does one change a tire?”

“Why is everything so expensive?” These are the

things that I feel schools should teach students because

they are practical, and, graphing a square root function

will not be of use for everyone.

“Are you glad you graduated high school?” Nope.

I think I’d like to go back for another four years (sarcasm). Of course, I am glad I graduated. They say

your high school years are the best years of your life. I

disagree. There is so much more life to live. We have

not even experienced the greatest things yet. Also, high

school isn’t the best for everyone. It just goes to show

that everyone is different.

I’m still figuring it out just like the rest of my graduating class. So, to all my future family members who

will ask me these same questions: you will be receiving

a copy of this newspaper, and you will read to find out

my answers.