The HHS bowling team took on regionals last weekend in Decatur. 

Bowling started back in November. The team had a lot of beginners this season considering they only had three returning bowlers. Coach Kelly Styck said, “I had a new crew of girls this year with only three returning from past years. I am very pleased with the new girls that joined this year. They all have excelled in their bowling approach and score. I am looking forward to see what next year brings to the team.”

The girls worked hard during practices for the regional bowling tournament. Alaina Zajac said, “I think everyone for sure has improved this season, but we slacked for sure on our wins. Our team didn’t bowl the best at regionals but I think the bowling team will be way more successful next year!”

Shelby Orht-Shepard also put in the practice hours for the regional tournament. Shelby said, “I think the season went really well considering we had almost all new bowlers. Regionals was fun. I have really enjoyed this season because it has brought me closer to a lot of people and learned a lot about everyone.”