The Tiger’s football team suffered another road loss to Lisle at Benedictine University on Friday. When time ran out, the Tigers held a thirty-two-point deficit piled on by the Lions. The loss puts the Tigers at 1-3 on the season and 0-2 in Illinois Central Eight Conference play. 

Early in the game the Lions kept to short passes and runs to wear down the Tiger defense. Then Lisle took their shot downfield and beat the Tigers deep for a touchdown early in the first quarter. The Tigers got the ball off the kickoff, but weren’t able to convert for points as the Lions stuffed any runs the Tigers tried.

The Tigers tried to give the Lions a different look then film shows by running many downs out of the wildcat formation, snapping the ball directly to junior running back/wide receiver Camden Berns. He said, “I think the wildcat worked pretty good in the beginning of the game, but as the game went on I think it was too predictable.” Berns received numerous snaps that resulted in fake hand-offs to sophomore Cody Lunsford, and runs up the middle. The Lions caught on eventually limiting yardage gains.

Going into the second half the Tigers trailed 26-7. Early in the half junior Logan Lunsford put through a 20-yard field goal to make it 26-10. The Tigers scoring ended there for the night as the Lions put on 16 more points.

The Tigers will aim to revamp the team with a home win on Friday against Peotone. After losing the Homecoming game last year, students and athletes are looking to win this year against a tough defensive opponent.