The Herscher High School girls basketball team played their last game Wednesday February 6 at home. They played a close game against Watseka but lost in the second game of regionals. 

Sophomore Haley Wagner said, “I think that the season went really well but we shouldn’t have lost the game on Wednesday. It was two really good teams that were really competitive and it was a close game. I think there were definitely a few questionable calls that caused the game to end the way it did. I am really sad that the season is over but am proud of how the team did.”

It was a close game that each team played, causing it to go into overtime. However, Herscher lost 52-57.

Zoie Hastings, junior, stated, “I feel like we had a really good season and we definitely proved people wrong. I am sad that it’s over, but we became really close and made friendships off the court. It is disappointing that we lost, but I am very proud of the team’s effort. We have really improved since the beginning of the season.”

The basketball team was coached by Mr. Philip Peacock, math, through this season.

“I think we had a really great season overall. We worked hard but didn’t have quite the finish we had hoped for. I do think that we have all learned something from it though. To get ready for next year, we plan to work extra hard with off season work. I think that really does help to practice a lot before the season starts, and getting that message through to the girls. Doing that will help get us on the right note starting next year. I think we all have individual things that need to be done. I’ve talked to most of the girls individually about some things that need improvement. I even have some myself that I need to work on. But overall, nothing specifically needs to be worked on,” he said.