Basketball season is nearing the end and no game is guaranteed; the girls basketball team is working hard to make sure they are prepared for upcoming games.

The girls’ last regular season home game was senior night and was on Friday night against Sandwich.

Mattie Brown, senior, said, “It’s really weird being a senior. I’m sad that the basketball season is drawing to a close but senior night was just a reminder to make our last games count.”

Senior Mikayla Hendershott agreed and stated, “I’m super happy that I played this year. I’ve made a lot of new friends and memories. I’m sad the season is coming to an end because the season has been really fun, but senior year means a lot of “lasts” and this is just one of them.”

The Lady Tigers are 12-12 and began regionals on Monday. Herscher is hosting regionals this year and the girls played Wilmington. 

Senior Claire Lovell said, “Throughout the year the team has had to overcome injuries which has overall made us stronger. With postseason approaching we need to make sure that we keep playing together and it will reflect in how far we are able to make it.”

Mr. Phillip Peacock, varsity coach, stated, “I think we are dangerous. We’ve had a tough season and have grown because of it. But it has also put us in a position that some teams may overlook us; and that would be a mistake, because we have got to be one of the best number four seeds in the state.”