After the IHSA ruling that gives CPS teams with eight games the right to play in the playoffs, the Tigers turned to playing the last game for fun and pride. The last Friday night lights did not go as planned though as the Manteno Panthers routed the Tigers in a 46-7 loss. 

The Tigers kicked the ball off to the Panthers to start the game, but the Panthers immediately took charge. On the first drive a Manteno player broke loose from beyond midfield for long touchdown, putting the Panthers up 7-0. Tigers junior Camden Berns took the kickoff back for a huge runback, but the Tigers got called on a hold, marching the ball back. The offense failed to produce for Herscher, putting up zero points all half while the Panthers went into the locker room up 25-0.

When the Tigers came out at half time, they were staring down a huge deficit they looked to overcome. However, the hole only seemed to get deeper for the Tigers as the Panthers put up twenty-one more points in the third quarter, making the lead 46-0. The Tigers were able to muster up some bit of pride as sophomore Cody Lunsford ran in a fourth-quarter touchdown ,moving the lead to 39. The scoring ended there, and the Tigers season ended at 3-6 with playoff hopes diminished.

The Tigers will look to next year in hopes of picking the program back up from where it is now. Junior Sean Contreras said, “We are hoping that we can get stronger both mentally and physically and be a powerhouse in the ICE Conference next year.”