Deluge Delays Defeat

Due to excessive rain and lightening, Friday evening’s homecoming football game against Peotone was postponed to Saturday at 11 am. The Tigers were unable to score on their opponent and Herscher lost 34-0.


A swell of homecoming festivities at Herscher High School took place Monday through Saturday last week ending with a mid-day football game on Saturday. The Tigers participated in dress up days and Powderpuff Football as they prepared for a homecoming matchup against Peotone on Friday night. 

As the Tiger players attended a homecoming assembly on Friday afternoon, harsh rain and lightning made its way to Herscher. The game was cancelled around 3 o’clock on Friday and rescheduled for eleven in the morning the following day. Head Coach Dan Wetzel said, “It’s definitely an adjustment. It’s a mindset thing and you hope the kids are able to rest and come ready to play the next day. It can be nerve wracking as a coach having to do that, but we got them in for a quick workout before pre-game.”

The Tigers received the opening kickoff but ended up having to punt the ball away to the Blue Devils. Even though the Tiger offense failed to produce on the opening drive, the defense held strong to begin the day game. The Tigers caused a fumble on Peotone’s first drive and recovered it on the offensive side of the field.

The Tigers ended up sending out sophomore Cody Lunsford for another punt away to the Devils. The Tiger defense ended up giving way to a brutal Peotone offense in a 34-0 shutout. The offense failed to produce even with new faces in the lineup for the Tigers. 

The team will attempt at an underdog comeback to make a run for the playoffs. The Tigers are 1-4 heading into a road match against Wilmington and are hoping to come home with an upset win and a new instilled confidence in the young lineup.